An Evening With Noel Coward

An Evening With Noel Coward

The Tovey Hall Central United Reformed Church


Three short plays by the Master of Light Comedy, featuring Hands Across The Sea, Red Peppers and Ways and Means.

In Hands Across The Sea, Lady Gilpin (Piggie) is so busy with social duties and gossip that she has no time for coherent thinking. When she finds Mr and Mrs Wadhurst from the Far East, in her drawing room, she mistakes them for the Rawlingsons. The Wadhursts overhear private phone conversations, are stumbled upon, spilled over and completely ignored before Piggie finally gets it straight.

In Red Peppers, George and Lily Pepper are doing a song and dance act in a vaudeville theatre. They have a genius for picking quarrels and insulting people. When the musical director visits their dressing room, they chide him for accompanying them in the wrong tempo and they insult the house manager. The musical director gets his revenge when he plays the accompaniment so fast the Peppers get frantic and finally fall down.

In Ways and Means, the heiress Stella Cartwright and her gambler husband are staying with Mrs Lloyd Ransome on the Cote d’Azur. They are heavily in debt and at their wits end when a scandalous chauffeur attempts to rob them and ends up saving their honour.

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