The Delightful Sausage: Cold Hard Cache

The Delightful Sausage: Cold Hard Cache

Mission Theatre


Cold Hard Cache is the new sketch comedy adventure from Chris Cantrill and Amy Gledhill, the minds behind cult oddball phenomenon, The Delightful Sausage. The enfant terribles of the eastern end of the western outer edge of Manchester’s alternative comedy circuit bring their debut hour to the 2017 Bath Comedy Festival. It’s a show with their trademark mix of high energy sketches, strange illustrations and gut-churning violence.

Join Chris and Amy as they put their bloody turf war aside to take you on a tour of the darkest corners of the Internet in The Delightful Sausage: Cold Hard Cache. Together they ask what is an Internet and why can’t they stop looking at it on their phones whilst driving?

Surreal, interactive and very silly – book your tickets and discover the comedy secret that ‘they’ don’t want you to know.

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