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Mozartfest FAQ

How to buy:

For Bath Mozartfest streamed content you will need be logged in to your Bath Box Office account, you can check your login here.

To register for a Bath Box Office account and purchase a livestream ticket, click here.

If you can't remember your password, please reset here.

Once logged in you can find the show you wish to watch/purchase here.

Please keep an eye on your junk/spam folders and add [email protected] to your safe senders list.

NOTE: it may take up to five minutes for the system to register that you have purchased livestream/on-demand content. 


My login won't work:

Video pages require a user to be logged in to their Bath Box Office account and to have purchased the video under their own account.

If you have an account and cannot log in, please request to reset your password using the password reset option here.

This will send you an email and gives you two options to set a new password (these are valid for 12 hours)

  1. A link to follow so you can create a new password or
  2. A temporary password and instructions on where to put this

Both options will allow you to reset/create a password.

Don't forget to check that pesky spam/junk folder if you can't find the email 


How to watch livestreamed:

You can watch on any device with an internet connection and browser. Find out information about best browsers to use here.

The Livestream will be available from 30 minutes prior to the start time of the concert. 

ROUTE 1) You will receive a link via email from Bath Box office two days before the concert/s you have purchased your livestream ticket/s for, this will take you to the streaming page where you will be prompted to login.

ROUTE 2) Go to the relevant Concert Event Page on our website (you can access this easily here). When the Livestream is available (from 30 minutes prior to the start time) click on the Stream Now button and login as prompted

You will then see the video dashboard which will include the purchased video which you can watch from here.

We strongly advise that all bookers tune in from 30 minutes before the start time to test your device/internet connection.


Watching ON-DEMAND:

A recording of the livestream/s will also be available on-demand, 24 hours after the livestream has taken place for 10 days.
E.g., a live concert at 11:00 on 13/11/21, will be available on demand from 11:00 on 14/11/21 until 23.59 on 24/11/21 (note these are subject to change dependent on technology!)

To watch, go to the relevant Concert Event Page on our website (you can access this easily here). Click on the Stream Now button and login as prompted. 

You do not have to watch the concert at the time it is being livestreamed. You can watch on-demand as many times as you'd like.

If you can hear the music but cannot see the picture, please follow the guidelines below for 'clearing you internet browser cache'.

NOTE: it may take up to five minutes for the system to register that you have purchased livestream/on-demand content if you have just purchased and wish to watch straigh away.


Troubleshooting on your web browser:

You may need to clear your internet browser's cache if the video screen does not load but you are logged in. 
Details on how to do this online here


How to watch on my TV?
How do I watch on my Smart TV? 

You will need to have already paid and set up an account via the link above on your computer/phone/iPad first

PLEASE NOTE - We cannot guarantee the compatibility with all smart TV browsers as they can vary hugely, dependant on manufacturer and quality of browser app. 

  • Smart TV or Firestick - via the internet browser app visit ( into the browser, then enter the details you have been given above.
  • The email address you have signed up with
  • Password
My payment won’t go through.

Please make sure you have filled in all the information boxes and make sure you have selected and completed the method of payment you wish to use.

If you have made a mistake you do need to refresh the page or try on a new browser.

If you are still having issues, contact us at [email protected] / 01225 463362


Can I watch the show outside of the UK?

Yes, all shows can be watched worldwide. 


I still have questions or issues.

Contact us at [email protected]

Contact us on 01225 463362

We will be operating a help line from 45 minutes before the concert start time to 30 minutes after for livestreamed concerts.
Please note that we can only assist you with technical matters relating to your login, we won't be able to help you with e.g. watching on your tv.