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Phaedra and Minotaur

This is a sensational double bill from two masters of their art: Benjamin Britten and Kim Brandstrup

The Ustinov


Venue Layout:

The entrance to the Ustinov Studio is on Monmouth Street.

The venue comprises three levels:

     Street level: The foyer, bar and toilets.

     First floor: Auditorium, Stalls.

     Second Floor: Auditorium, Circle.

There is ramp access into the foyer, and staff are on hand at all times to assist with the opening of the foyer doors.



Toilet Facilities:

All facilities – including an accessible toilet – are situated in the foyer area. A further two toilets can be found downstairs at the rear of the Circle level.


Available to buy drinks to take into the auditorium or to pre-order for the interval. Includes a lowered serving area for access for wheelchair users.

 Box Office:

With mini-com/hearing loop, is stationed in the foyer for the purchase or collection of tickets, half an hour before performances or by calling the Main House Box Office on 01225 448844

 Auditorium Stalls:

Access to the Stalls is via the passenger lift in the foyer or via 22 steps up.

 Access to seating:

All seats can be accessed via 1 to 6 steps.

The Stalls level holds 2 wheelchair spaces on the end of row B. An usher is on hand to assist by the entrance during the house-opening period.

Please note there is only one aisle in the stalls seating area and therefore all 8 rows can be accessed from one side only.

 Auditorium Circle:

There is no lift access to the Circle

Accessed via a total of 47 steps from street level or 27 steps if using the passenger lift to Stalls level.

 Access to seating:

All three rows of seating require a further step up or down. Seating in this area can be accessed from either end of the rows.

 Arriving late to a performance:

In the event that you arrive after a performance has started, TRB Front of House teams in all three venues are on hand to welcome you. All performances operate a policy for late arrivals in order to help prevent disturbances for audiences and performers. There may be a delay in being able to get you to your purchased seats. In the Ustinov Studio, a TV monitor screen is provided in the foyer. Please note the Ustinov Studio is a particularly intimate performance space. Therefore,latecomers cannot be accommodated in the stalls and will instead be guided by front of house staff via 42 steps up to the rear of the upper level only, at the appropriate time.

 Ustinov Studio:

The Ustinov foyer and bar open 30 minutes before a matinee and evening performance and staff are available during these times. The Ustinov auditorium is open from 20 minutes before each performance.

 Infra-red Hearing Enhancement:

The theatre uses the Sennheiser infra-red system across its three auditoria.  There are two types of hearing device available to patrons. These are all free of charge.  Patrons can only access assisted hearing at this theatre by using one of the following devices:

Necklace: To use with your own hearing aid with a ‘T’ setting (available in the Main House and Ustinov Studio.) Headset: To use without your own hearing aid (available in the Main House, Ustinov Studio and the egg.)

Available from every open bar



Phaedra and Minotaur