An Evening with The Hot Potato Syncopators

An Evening with The Hot Potato Syncopators

Mission Theatre


We invite you to the prestigious surroundings of The Mission Theatre for an evening of insane lunacy and cacophonous jazz performed by the West Country’s most esteemed and ridiculous marzipans of tea time jazz and biscuits, The Hot Potato Syncopators.

Enjoy a rip roaring, sometimes surreal and mostly ludicrous journey through the golden era of music with tunes you can sing along with, tap toes, laugh, stroke chins and fall flat on the floor to. Played with wild energy and pinpoint precision by three distinguished gentlemen from another time on a finger buffet of different instruments, devices and contraptions.

A joyous and celebratory evening of music, comedy, dance, silly noises, a giant paper plane fight and a lovely cup of tea.

Bring your own gin. Alternatively tea and biscuits will be served.

‘I have been trying, and failing, to describe just how funny these chaps are.’ Audience review