Britten, Violin Concerto with Tasmin Little

Britten, Violin Concerto with Tasmin Little

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Britten, Variations on a Theme of Purcell (Young Person’s Guide)
Britten, Violin Concerto
Copland, Appalachian Spring

Violin Tasmin Little
Conductor Jason Thornton

Tasmin Little has firmly established herself as one of today’s leading international violinists. She has performed on every continent in some of the most prestigious venues of the world.

Tasmin joins Bath Philharmonia to perform Britten’s Violin Concerto.
Written during the Second World War, this concerto combines pathos and hope with extraordinary virtuosic and musical demands on the soloist and orchestra alike. The talents of Bath Philharmonia are also showcased in Britten’s virtuosic tour-de-force for orchestra ‘The Young Persons Guide’ performed at this concert without narrator.

Copland’s ballet music to Appalachian Spring forms the second half to this programme and is infused with the music of the people of the Appalachian Mountains including the famous Shaker Hymn ‘Lord of the Dance’.