Dambusters 76th Anniversary Event

Dambusters 76th Anniversary Event

St Swithin’s Church


Join filmmaker Andrew Panton as he talks about a new film “Attack On The Sorpe Dam” which features last British Dambuster George “Johnny” Johnson. The talk will include a preview of the trailer and some excerpts from the film which recounts George “Johnny” Johnson’s story of the famous World War Two ‘Dambusters’ operation.

Andrew will be joined onstage by George “Johnny” Johnson who will provide a first hand account of the attack as he experienced it on the night of May 16/17th 1943. On the night of the attack, Johnny – together with a group of specially selected aircrew – took off from RAF Scampton in Lincolnshire where they had all been trained to fulfil one very special mission: destroy three dams deep within Germany’s Ruhr valley. These dams provided vital power to various industries supplying the Nazi war machine.

From the outset it was an almost impossible task: to fly low level – at night – across many miles of enemy territory, dropping a new weapon (which had never been tried operationally) and from a height as low as 60 feet. It was a daring task, but against all the odds Johnny and his crew survived.

The talk will last approximately 1 hour 30 mins and will include a question and answer session.

AUTOGRAPHS: George ‘Johnny’ Johnson will not be signing autographs after the event. A selection of pre-signed merchandise (including photographs, books, and memorabilia) will be available for sale during the event (cash only). Signed photographs and books can be pre-purchased via the ticket page and can be collected on the night.

(Note: proceeds from the event will go towards the production of the film and a contribution will be made towards the RAF Benevolent Fund. George Johnny Johnson appears subject to health. In the unlikely event he is unable to attend, the event will go ahead with additional material. Tickets are non-refundable)