Letters from the Home Front

Letters from the Home Front

Mission Theatre


“When you go Home, tell them of us and say, For your Tomorrow, we gave our Today”

– John Maxwell Edmunds

Commemorating the 75th anniversary of the WW2 armistice we trace the lives of the people who lived and died in World War 2 in a series of letters. We show those who journeyed to the front, those they left behind, and the lives irrevocably marred by conflict.

Using tap, ballet, acrodance and contemporary, as well as visual images and music, we move from a carefree world of singing and dancing as memories of the Great War – “the war to end all wars” – recede, only to hear war declared again.

Watch the hopes dashed at the outbreak, the goodbyes and camaraderie of the first journeys off on campaign, the fear and waiting, and fighting spirit – on the Western and the Home Front –the brutal finality for so many who lost their lives or loved ones, and the first resurfacing seedlings of hope for a brighter future.

“So moving, every single moment had me gripped – Angie Edwards, AE Dance”