Lovely Girls

Lovely Girls

Bath Spa University Theatre, Newton Park


Chess and Cristina are The Hiccup Project, a comedic dance-­theatre company. People commonly refer to them as ‘the lovely Hiccup girls.’ It’s got them thinking… It’s been 100 years since (some) women got the vote. This was a (bit of a) step towards gender equality, but how liberated are women today?
After diving into the world of romance and heartbreak in critically acclaimed multi-­award winning May-­We-­Go-­Round?, Cristina and Chess explore what it means to be a young woman in brand new show Lovely Girls.

As little women, and through their teen years, they were fed fairy tales, stories and images full of the idealized woman; beautiful, sweet, passive, lovely. Now, they are 27. They are feminists. They’ve read lots of books, had tons of conversations, and are feeling empowered. Yet they still find themselves on Google asking; “I feel good when an attractive man compliments me, am I still a feminist?” Chess and Cristina open up the confusing pot of contradictions, clichés and expectations, that face women today; Have lots of sex and be sexy, but not too much. Strive for a good career, but make time for everyone else. Have curves, but don’t be fat. Be assertive, but not bossy… Blimey!
Lovely Girls meanders through real women’s stories using The Hiccup Project’s potent blend of dance, theatre and comedy. It is an insight, a celebration and an ode to being a woman in the 21st Century. A show made by women for women and men, and everyone, regardless of gender.

WINNER – Outstanding Theatre Award, Brighton Fringe 2015
WINNER – South East Dance Award, Brighton Fringe 2015
WINNER – Pebble Trust Brighton Fringe Award 2015
NOMINATED – Audience Choice Award, Brighton Fringe 2015

“Physical comedy and dance are stupendous companions when they work – and Chess and Cristina have the energy and the intelligence to make it work.”
★★★★★ Fringe Guru
“Theatre and dance that throws custard pies at convention. Outstanding.”
★★★★★ Fringe Review
“Comparable to French and Saunders… their work defies theatrical convention in every sense.”
★★★★ Miro Magazine
“Men will laugh from their very core… in a story every woman can relate to.”
★★★★ Total Theatre (on May-We-Go-Round?)
Image: Paul Seaby
Ages 12+
Running Time: 1 hour (no interval)

Suitable for 12+