Women of Ryazan

Women of Ryazan

Christ Church, Julian Road

£10 / £8

Special Event / Vintage / Triple F-Rated

Life, love & war in rural Russia

Director: Olga Preobrazhenskaya
Cast: Raisa Puzhnaya, Emma Tsesarskaya, Kuzma Yastrebitsky, Georgi Bobynin
Soviet Union, 1927, 88m, 12, Subtitles
Christ Church, 19:00, £10 / £8

Accompanied with live improvised organ music by David Bednall, this beautifully filmed silent drama is the masterpiece of Olga Preobrazhenskaya, one of the world’s first female directors. Its humanistic narrative portrays characters as individual people, rather than the social archetypes found in the polemics of Eisenstein or Pudovkin. The story is microcosmic and anthropological, although intimations of WW1 and the 1917 revolution are always present. A rare chance to catch a compelling glimpse of Russia on the cusp of seismic change.

With organ accompaniment by David Bednall