Bottom’s Dream

Bottom’s Dream

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Bottom’s Dream
Nick is an amateur actor of the kind we’ve all met, blessed with rather more enthusiasm than talent. Once again an audition in his drama group, the Athenian Players, has ended in disappointment for Nick. Drowning his sorrows, he nods off…
As he sleeps he dreams, and in his dream he finds himself plunged into another ‘audition’: this time it is the casting scene for the mechanicals from A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Nick finds himself transformed into Nick Bottom, the weaver, and the rest of his drama group into other characters from The Dream – but now Nick does get the starring role! In his fevered and chaotic dream world Nick meets again the bossy drama group director, the self-important chairman and of course the girl he really fancies. Shakespeare Live show you all the outlandish confusion of Bottom’s story – the stuff of fantasy, and in the end “No more yielding but a dream…”

Shakespeare Live have built a great reputation for their annual outdoor Shakespeare week in Wiltshire since 1989, performing comedies, tragedies and histories to well over 2000 people each year, and maintaining the highest possible production values – great acting, interesting and skilled directing, fantastic handmade costumes and superb technical effects – in a beautiful open air setting.
A registered charity, the company has given thousands of pounds to charitable causes over the years, and aims also to promote Shakespeare’s plays as widely as possible, and especially to build participation and involvement of young people.
Shakespeare Live first perform this show at the RSC’s Dell at Stratford-upon-Avon in August followed by a local tour in October, and look forward to introducing all and sundry to the crazy world of ‘Bottom’s Dream’.

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