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Untamed Burlesque 2024

A night of untamed entertainment!

Chapel Arts Centre


April Fiasco (she/her)

Comedy Burlesque Performer, Co-organiser at @Cybertease_ & Resident Host at @Sexquisite.Events. But WHERE is she from? And why is everyone so interested? April will be performing a neo-burlesque act with inspiration from her mixed race heritage, and her favourite 90s girl band. Get ready for a history and geography lesson with a twist. Once she's got you in the classroom, for her next trick she'll hit you with some hard facts about sex work laws in the UK with a high energy sassy AF performance. Because what we do with our own bodies is none of anyone's business. Sx Work is Work.

Photo Credit: @whoretographer

Violent May (they/them)

Sometimes a glam queerdo, othertimes a punky goblin; always an all round weirdo. Violent May is back to cause terror and chaos on stage!

Organiser of Untamed Burlesque this performer will mess about with gender and your preconceptions of burlesque and drag  prepared for absolute chaos with Violent May! Previous performances include: Sexquisite, Plymouth Queer Pride and Frome Comic Convention.

Diomede (they/them)

Winner of Bristol’s Drag Comeptition I’m Gonna Be a STAr; Diomede is a genderbending drag artist combining cringe, camp and c*** to deliver you a feast like you’d never had before. Expect equal parts silly and sultry as they bring their theatrical stylings to the stage! Previous performances include: WIG! Bath, Black Excellence and Brizzle Boys.

Jinn Legion (she/her)

Jinn Legion’s performances will make your dreams come true, but you might just need to be careful what you wish for. With her sultry, possessing gaze, she’ll fuel your fantasies, drive your desires and awaken your arousal. Jinn Legion is a new Manchester-based burlesque performer and show producer who debuted in 2022 after training with Lady Wildflower and other burlesque teachers in the Northwest. As a plus-sized, queer, disabled performer, she is a fierce proponent of inclusivity in dance and performance spaces. Dance is for every body! Previous performances include: Twisted Whispers Vaudeville, Burlesque Speakeasy and Prima Dona Cabaret.

Aneeta Fox (she/they)

Introducing the one and only, the hilarious and seductive comedy stylings of Miss Aneeta Fox! With her quick wit and sassy attitude, she’ll have you laughing and cheering as she takes the stage with her daring and playful routines. From her dazzling costumes to her show-stopping dance moves, she knows how to put on a show that will leave you wanting more. Whether she’s cracking jokes or teasing with her tantalizing striptease, this performer knows how to keep the audience on the edge of their seats. So come on down and get ready for a night of laughter, excitement, and pure entertainment with the one and only Miss Aneeta Fox. Previous performances include: Pose Plymouth, Take It Off Burlesque and Cabaret and FILTH.

Fantastic Ms Fanny (she/they)

Resident MC of Untamed Burlesque, queer femme badass and Plymouth's Sexiest Vegan,  Fantastic Ms Fanny is legend of the Plymouth Burlesque scene, she's a performer, producer, teacher and your host for the evening! Expect comedy, glamour and smut! Previous performances include: Coochie Crunch, Take It Off Burlesque & Cabaret and FILTH.



Untamed Burlesque 2024