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Burdall's Yard

7A Anglo Terrace, London Road, BA1 5NH

The highly respected local theatre company Next Stage has operated in Bath since 1994 and opened The Mission Theatre situated in Corn Street to the south of the city in 2005.

The Mission Theatre has an enviable reputation as a welcoming, friendly venue that is respectful, inclusive and understanding of the local community around it.

Next Stage hopes that with three atmospheric events spaces and a large bar/cafe beside a central gated courtyard, Burdall's Yard will soon be a perfect community space to the north of the city in which to meet friends, enjoy a show, participate in a class, or just relax. 

The Next Stage team running Burdall’s Yard welcome your thoughts, ideas and questions about our new venue. 

This venue is 100% accessible.

Burdall's Yard is located slightly out of the centre of town, on London Road. The nearest car park to the venue is the Cattle Market car park in the centre, followed by a ten minute walk.


EVENTS AT Burdall's Yard