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Malmesbury Abbey

Gloucester Street, Malmesbury, SN16 9BA

The Abbey was built in the 12th century and is home to King Athelstan’s tomb, the crest of Henry VII, a specially illuminated 15th century Bible, a breathtaking Norman stone porch which illustrates the Christian salvation history and the grave of Hannah Twinnoy, who was killed by a tiger, locally, in 1703. You can read a little more on the History page of this website.

The Abbey is available for events that require this style of venue.

Travelling by Car

From the south-west or south-east, travel along the M4 and head north at Junction 17 on the A429 for five miles.

From the north-west or north, travel south along the M5 to junction 11a. Follow signs to Cirencester and then a further 10 miles south to Malmesbury along the A429.

On arriving in Malmesbury, follow signs to the Long Stay car park.

From the long stay car park you will see the Abbey quite clearly. Walk across Mill Lane Bridge, climb the Abbey Steps (63 of them) and walk past the semi-derelict East Wall of the Abbey into the 15th Century Market Cross area. There you will see the entrance to the Abbey grounds by the side of the Rajah Indian Restaurant through the Tolsey Gate.

(To avoid Abbey Steps you can park in the Town Centre short stay car park but it is restricted to 2 hours maximum stay, Monday to Saturday though it is free on a Sunday.)


EVENTS AT Malmesbury Abbey