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Krowd Keepers: Magic Theatre

No Rabbits, Feather Flowers or Top Hats! Experience the Magic!

Bath Ale House

Krowd Keepers Magic Theatre is one of Bath’s best kept secrets.

No Rabbits, Feather Flowers or Top Hats!

Upstairs, in a secret room, some of the world's finest magicians perform and conjure a unique and theatrical experience using the art of Sleight of Hand Magic.  Every Friday and Saturday night at 8pm, our selected magicians entertain and amaze in a speakeasy type atmosphere. From contemporary to classic illusions our expert team of magicians will take you on a journey you did not expect. Join us every week, upstairs at the Alehouse Pub in Bath for a truly unforgettable experience.

Krowd Keepers is a Parlour style magic theatre. Small and up close as if you are sitting in someone’s living room witnesses incredible sleight of hand for an intimate audience of 40 people. Magician’s who perform are heavily selected and have appeared at Hollywood’s Magic Castle, ITV, BBC, Ch 5, Discovery Channel, CBC, CW, SYFY networks and even for the Royalty!


  • Witness pure sleight of hand magic up close.
  • Guaranteed no rabbits, feather flowers or top hats.
  • Comedy and magic combined.
  • Some Audience Participation.
  • Magic and Illusions in an intimate space.
  • Strange and wonderful experience.

Please note, there is a minimum capacity for this event to be able to go ahead. If this capacity isn't reached, there is the possibility the performance will be cancelled.
If the performance is cancelled you are invited to go down for free to their sister bar Sleight for a different experience of close up magic. 



Krowd Keepers: Magic Theatre