And Then We Danced

And Then We Danced

Odeon Cinema

£13 / £11.25 (£14.50 / £12.25 premier seats)

Preview / LGBT

Georgian dance and passionate romance

Director: Levan Akin
Cast: Levan Gelbakhiani, Ana Javakishvili, Bachi Valishvili
Sweden, Georgia, France, 2019, 106m, 15 tbc, Subtitles
Odeon, 18:30, £13 / £11.25 (£14.50 / £12.25 premier)

22-year-old Merab has dedicated his life to the Georgian Dance Ensemble, an institution as rooted in history as the Bolshoi and equally as demanding. He has always danced with his partner Mary, and when a charming newcomer appears on the scene, Merab immediately sees him as his rival. He soon discovers that his feelings stem from desire as well as competition, but a man loving a man is unacceptable in a conservative culture emphasising the virtues of stereotypical masculinity. The central dynamic of dance illuminates this irresistibly moving story. ‘One of the most buzzed-about films from Directors’ Fortnight at Cannes’ – BFI.

Preview screening courtesy of Peccadillo
Plus: Spooning, Rebecca Applebaum, Canada, 7m
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