Archie Maddocks – Irreverent

Archie Maddocks – Irreverent

Ring O Bells

£5.00 (exc fees)

It’s all getting a bit serious init? Political instability, social politics making people less social –-you can’t even have a finger of Nutella no more without feeling guilty – that’s what life is now, guilt, followed by shame.

However, what is life, if nothing but a distraction until you die? Archie Maddocks tackles the struggles of being alive in his latest hour of provocative, exhilarating and *crucially* HILARIOUS stand up.

Daily Mirror and Evening Standard’s top jokes of the fringe 2018

“A real highlight of the evening” – BBC Introduces

“Superb timing and quick wit… A must see” – Radio Ha-Ha!

“A super cool, super smart storyteller” – Bruce Dessau, Beyond The Joke and Evening Standard

Doors: 6.30pm for 7.00pm show
Duration: 1hr