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Nurry Lee - Classical Music Recital

Performance 2 - Classical Music- featuring some of the most bombastic and virtuosic pieces in the Piano repertoire

Burdall's Yard

“Music knows no boundaries; it enriches the soul and brings people closer together”.

Described as one of the most dynamic young pianists of the generation, Nurry Lee is an International Concert Pianist and Carnegie Hall performer, who is delighted to announce her return to her hometown, to perform at the Bath Fringe Festival. To give back to her community and help to introduce a new audience to Classical Music and the wonders of the Piano.

Having studied at Well Cathedral and the Royal College of Music, Nurry will be putting on two performances at Burdall's Yard on the 1st June. In her own words "My mission is about giving access to classical piano music to as many people as possible. I would play in Carnegie Hall one day, and a pub down the road the next day. For me, music itself has no boundaries". Through these two performances, I hope to bring current and new audiences together and help spread the music I love to as many people as possible.

The first drawing on contemporary music of your childhood including covers of Disney and other contemporary works included famed composer Joe Hisaishi known for his work for Studio Ghibli. A fantastic event for both families and lovers of music alike.

Which will then be followed by the second performance of the night, where she takes you back to some greatest classical works, including some of the most virtuosic pieces in the Piano repertoire.

Both Concerts will take place on 1st June at the Burdall's Yard.

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Nurry Lee - Classical Music Recital